Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over HD

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (2003) พยัคฆ์ไฮเทค 3 มิติ

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over Juni Cortez retired from OSS sometime after events in the sequel. He lives in peace and is employed as a private investigator.

Juni is reunited in the technological and computing division of the OSS together with Francesca, a former DonnagonGiggles, and an ex-member of DonnagonGiggles. They explain to them that Carmen was captured by the Toymaker. He was a former OSS informant and was incarcerated online. But, he’s developed Game Over Game Over, an online videogame that uses virtual reality . He’s planning to make use of it to escape cyberspace through players reaching the level 5. Juni agrees to join the game in order to save Carmen.

The game is challenging. Juni is unable to overcome the difficulties with only nine lives within the game, and losing one of them in the beginning. He meets three beta-testers in a medieval-looking village origin that looks cartoonish, Arnold and Rez. They give him access to the Moon to take him into space and assist him defeat the other players.

Juni is on the Moon which means she loses an additional life. Juni is then offered the opportunity to contact an ally to aid. He chooses Valentin his grandfather who is disabled and has a connection of working with the Toymaker. Valentin is given a boost that gives him a bodysuit made of robotics that allows him to walk and have the strength and endurance of a superhuman. He also takes Juni by surprise and advises that he should regroup following the incident. In his search for Level 2 entry Juni is able to enter the arena for battle and battle Demetra. He would like to return to Earth and get to the level 2. He is given an even more powerful robot suit and is put in an mecha to take on Demetra.

He is again met by beta-testers who claim to be the person called “The Guy” that can beat Level 5. Rez isn’t sure and invites Juni to a Mega-race that includes a variety of vehicles. They can reach the Level 3. Losers get the game instantly ended. Juni is unable to remain in the fight. But, Demetra switches places with Juni and wins, winning the match. Juni is terrified.

The group arrives at Level 4 where Juni discovers Carmen who has been let out by the Toymaker who guides the group. Carmen sees that their grandfather is in the room and tells Juni that the Toymaker was the reason their grandfather was in the wheelchair. Juni follows a route map to the canyon that is lava-filled. The group is scurrying through the hot lava. The OSS uncovers the relationship between the Toymaker and Valentin. Believing that Valentin may be seeking revenge, Donnagon attempts to prevent them from getting to Level 5, but she fails when they sink into the lava and discover that it’s harmless and they enter a cave where they discover the entrance to Level 5. Carmen says they have only five minutes to go before the door opens up to Level 5. The others start to think that Carmen as well as Juni are lying and Rez threatens Juni with the possibility of a game-over. However, the actual Guy is in the room and opens the door. The Guy is hit by lightning from the trap of the Toymaker and loses all ninety-nine lives. The Toymaker is then able to make Level 5 to render him unable to play, meaning that the remaining members of the group have to leave.

In the Level 5 zone, which is a cyberspace that appears purple, Demetra appears, saying that she will be returning to the game due to an error, but Carmen acknowledges her as “The Deceiver” A program that is designed to fool gamers. Demetra acknowledges her claims and apologizes to Juni and the Toymaker is able to attack the team with a massive robotic. Valentin arrives as he keeps the door to the real world open to allow the group to escape. He can’t go with them since someone has to open the door. Demetra crying, swiftly unlocks the door so she will be able to join them. It turns out that Valentin had released the Toymaker and the robot arm of the villain was now taking on the city.

Juni and Carmen call their families to help them: Ingrid and Gregorio, their parents, and the brother of Gregorio, Machete. Their grandmother and uncle Felix. With many robots in the world, Juni calls out for everyone to help them, summoning characters from the earlier films. The robot from the Toymaker is the only one standing. Valentin faces The Toymaker and apologizes for his deeds. Valentin is searching for The Toymaker’s location for more than thirty years. The Toymaker stops the robot and joins with the Cortez family, their family and friends in celebrating their families.



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