Ichi 2008

Ichi (2008) อิชิ ดาบเด็ดเดี่ยว

Ichi Ichi, an goze blind woman, is on a journey to Japan to meet her mentor, the Zatoichi.

A traveler named Samurai Toma Yamahira meets her and informs her that he rescued her from bandits. In reality, Ichi was the one who killed the bandits. The two then go to the Shirakawa family which is plagued by the Banki-to mercenaries. Banki is the head of the group. He is a shrewd man who is skilled at sword fighting, but has an unattractive face. Kotaro is a young man who lives in the house of his drunken father, is a friend of Ichi.

They are then followed by five Bankito that are after Toma’s cash after Ichi assists Toma to get cash from Ch-han. Toma is unable to fight and is required to make use of his sword to defend himself. The group are defeated by Ichi. Toraji the leader of Shirakawa’s child, appears after the battle and believes it was Toma who was responsible for the murder of the gang members. He decides to make Toma his own bodyguard. Kotaro is able to convince Ichi as well as his father to stay in the belief that Zatoichi (the blind sword master) will be able to pass through. Toma acknowledges that he is unable to use his sword due to the guilt of the blinding of his mother in an accident. Ichi HD

The Bankito plan their revenge. They take out the head of Shirakawa. Toma cannot defend herself and is struck unconscious. Ichi admits to killing the men who were older. After showing her abilities the second-in-commander of Bankito is convinced and sends Ichi into the mountains to see Banki. She killed two Bankito who were skeptical of her skills and Banki is able to take on her, but she defeats her. Banki informs Ichi while he is wounded, that he has been her teacher. They fought, but Zatoichi was killed during battle because of an illness that was rapidly acting. Then she is dumped into the ditch and then left to die. She is unconscious and Ichi loses the bell Zatoichi handed her.

The background of Ichi is then revealed. Her birth was blind. When she was a little girl, Zatoichi saved her and put her in the care of in a group of . Ichi was given a bell in order to keep him in the company. As she grew older, Zatoichi came to her, and she was taught the combat methods Zatoichi was taught. Ichi was a gorgeous and talented sword-fighter in her youth. One of her fans was asexually assaulted after one of the shows of her goze group. Goze were not allowed to marry and were required to be married. Then, she was exiled from the goze family and this despite breaking the hearts of her fellow members. She pleaded with the man who was raped and raped to talk to her to allow her to be allowed to rejoin the group. However, he was astonished and tried to strike her again. She was able to draw the sword that she concealed in her cane, and ended the fight. Ichi traveled to Japan to find Zatoichi. She believed that he was her father, and that was how she came across Toma.

Due to his deceit, Toma is slammed, but Toraji rebuffs the attackers and explains that they require Toma to take on the Bankito. Toma Kotaro’s father, who has been transformed and returned to the Bankito hideout along with Kotaro and saves Ichi. Banki promises revenge. Ichi was recovering from her injuries told Ichi that she was searching for Zatoichi because she wanted to meet him before she takes her own life. Toma encourages her to abandon her plan. Toma then leaves to assist the Shirakawa against the Bankito as she heals from her injuries. Kotaro tells Ichi about the battle in the town after she gets up.

The Bankito are two to one more well-known than the Shirakawa. Toma is unable to use his sword. Banki demands Toma to step forward to take on Banki. Toma agrees. He forgets about his guilt and pulls out his sword. They fight , and Toma shows everyone else that he is able to draw a sword. Banki is also mortally wounded by the fatal blow of Toma. Toma is discovered dead in the arms of Ichi. He advises her to not give up hope. Banki is attempting to attack Ichi following the death of Toma, however, she defeats him and kills the clan’s leader. The horribly scarred face of the clan leader is finally exposed. The few remaining Bankito members fled in fear for their life.

Then, we witness Toraji re-building the city of his Yakuza clan, and taking the reins as its the clan’s leader. Ichi performs the Toma’s favorite song, and is seen together with Kotaro at his funeral. She plans to carry Toma’s katana to the grave of his mother and also gives him a small bell (the same one Zatoichi gave her when she was a kid). After declaring that Kotaro was right and leaving, she went to her destination.

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